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The Ultimate Guide to Branson’s Fall Events

The Ultimate Guide to Branson’s Fall Events

Your Inspiration to a Memorable Branson Getaway in The Fall.

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Welcome to the Explore Branson Fall Events Blog, your one-stop source for discovering the vibrant world of events, accommodation, and experiences that make Branson, Missouri, a true gem of a destination. 

Whether you’re seeking a romantic escape, a family adventure, or a rejuvenating retreat, Branson offers an array of options that cater to your every desire. From the charming cabins in Hollister, to the pulse of Silver Dollar City or the world famous lakes of The Ozarks, we’re here to be your guide through the enchanting world of Branson’s offerings.

Join us as we dive into the details of the most sought-after cabins, the best hot tub hideaways, and the top-notch events that will make your Branson vacation an unforgettable experience. Let’s embark on a journey that will take you beyond ordinary, making your Branson visit an extraordinary memory to cherish forever.

We will be starting with Fall, and will be adding new events to each month as we build a comprehensive guide for the year.

Ready to Embrace the Magic of Fall in Branson?
Discover Unforgettable Events!

Picture yourself surrounded by the stunning hues of autumn leaves, sipping on hot apple cider, and enjoying the crisp air. The enchanting fall season is upon us, and Branson is calling your name! As the leaves change and the air turns cool, Branson comes alive with a plethora of exciting events that capture the heart and spirit of this magical season. From cozy cabins to pumpkin festivals, we’ve rounded up the must-attend events that promise to make your fall visit to Branson truly unforgettable.

Cedar Fest at Big Cedar Lodge: September 18th – October 31st

Embrace the cozy vibes of fall with us at Cedar Fest! Slip into your favorite flannel, wrap yourself in a blanket, and slip on those boots – it’s time to celebrate autumn in style at Big Cedar. Get ready for a delightful twist on classic guest activities. 

Hop aboard a guided tram tour that’ll lead you to a charming pumpkin patch. Once there, the fun continues with pumpkin decorating, pottery painting, tie-dye sessions, and even face painting. And that’s just the beginning! Experience the excitement of outdoor activities, take a wild ride on our mechanical bull, and enjoy the creations of a talented balloon artist. As the sun sets, the Swimmin’ Hole Lawn transforms into a magical realm. Singin’ jack-o-lanterns, crackling bonfires, and the aroma of s’mores fill the air. 

For the brave at heart, venture into the Ozarks Lost Soul Maze for a thrilling adventure. And don’t forget the movies under the stars on select nights – it’s an all-around fall fiesta! Join us for an unforgettable autumn celebration at Cedar Fest.

bright orange pumpkins

Silver Dollar City’s Harvest Festival: September 15th – October 28th

Get ready for an enchanting adventure at the annual Harvest Festival featuring Craft Days and Pumpkins in the City. This year’s festival promises a non-frightful, family-friendly celebration that you won’t want to miss. 

Marvel at the mesmerizing sight of thousands of illuminated pumpkins, creating a glowing wonderland that’s perfect for all ages. And that’s just the beginning! Each week brings new artisans showcasing their talents, chuck wagon cooking demonstrations at Cowboy Camp, and a showcase of western authors, craftsmen, and artists at the Cowboy Emporium. 

Don’t miss the “Garden of Giants,” where you can marvel at colossal, homegrown pumpkins weighing half a ton each! And, of course, indulge in the delectable treats that define the essence of fall. From comforting classics to innovative delights, there’s a treat for every palate. Visit Silver Dollar City for an unforgettable Harvest Festival that captures the heart and spirit of the season. Get ready for a world of wholesome fun, delightful crafts, and a pumpkin wonderland that will leave you in awe!

Photo courtesy of Silver Dollar City

Shepherd’s PumpkinFest: September 22nd – October 29th

Looking for a fantastic fall outing with your family? Look no further than Shepherd of the Hills, where PumpkinFest promises an unforgettable pumpkin patch experience every weekend. Get ready for an array of delightful activities, from pumpkin picking and scarecrow crafting to hayrides that’ll make your day even more special. But that’s not all – they’ve got a whole world of fun waiting for you! 

Bounce houses, jump pads, a lively petting zoo, and even a thrilling rock climbing wall ensure non-stop excitement for the whole family. And remember, the fun doesn’t stop there. Gaze upon some of the best views around from the Inspiration Tower or take a breathtaking ride on the Copperhead Mountain Coaster! Make this fall unforgettable with a visit to Shepherd’s PumpkinFest. From pumpkin patches to panoramic views, it’s all here for your family to enjoy.

kids playing with pumpkins

Fall Roundup at Sycamore Creek Ranch: September 29th – October 29th

This season, dive into the nostalgia and rustic charm of fall at Sycamore Creek Ranch. Join them for a journey back in time, where autumn’s magic unfolds with a delightful twist. Mark your calendars for Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays through October, as well as select weekends in September. 

Sycamore Creek Ranch is proud to present its Fall Roundup – a captivating carnival-style event that promises endless joy for all ages. Sip on hot chocolate, glide down gunny sack slides, and cozy up by bonfires that warm your heart. Embark on horseback rides through the stunning landscapes and immerse yourself in nature’s embrace. And that’s just the beginning! Their enormous corn maze invites you to explore and discover, while hayrides offer a charming way to take in the breathtaking beauty of fall. 

Get lost in the excitement of tiny tractor races, or pick your own pumpkin from the patch – a cherished autumn tradition. Don’t miss out on the barnyard adventure and all the heartwarming moments that await at Sycamore Creek Ranch’s Fall Roundup. 

marshmallows by fire

Saturday Festival – A Month of Fall Fun! October 1st – 29th, 2023 (Saturdays)

Step into a world of enchantment at the Saturday Festival during Cedar Fest. Every Saturday in October is your gateway to a day filled with the essence of fall. 

Experience the allure of the Ozark’s Lost Souls Maze, where adventure and mystery intertwine. Engage in the art of pumpkin decoration, a cherished tradition that celebrates the heart of the season. Embark on a fall tram tour, where nature’s palette paints a mesmerizing backdrop. And don’t forget to let your creativity flow as you tie-dye t-shirts that will be your keepsake from this magical day. The Saturday Festival is your passport to a world of autumn delights, where memories are made and cherished.

Hollister’s Grape & Fall Festival – A Taste of Quaint Delights October 14th, 2023

Venture just outside the heart of Branson to the charming city of Hollister, Missouri. Here, history and community come together in a celebration that captures the essence of fall. The Grape & Fall Festival graces Downing Street, adorned with historic buildings that echo the Tudor Revival style. Immerse yourself in the festivities as you witness the grape stomp, a joyous tradition that resonates with the season’s abundance. The pup pageant adds a touch of whimsy to the day, celebrating our four-legged friends. For those who love a dash of adventure, the Color Me Grape 5K run awaits, a testament to health and happiness. The festival is a showcase of creativity, with booths offering handmade crafts, homemade goodies, and a bounty of produce. Come with open hearts and wallets, ready to embrace the spirit of community and the vibrant tapestry of fall.

Experience Branson’s Fall Splendor

As the leaves turn brilliant shades of amber and the air takes on a crisper note, Branson invites you to be part of its vibrant fall tapestry. From Cedar Fest’s enchanting celebrations to Hollister’s Grape & Fall Festival’s community charm, the autumn season here is a canvas painted with warmth, joy, and togetherness. 

Discover Branson’s romantic hideaways where you can retreat after days of adventure and exploration. Unwind in cabins nestled in the heart of nature, some even boasting inviting hot tubs to soak away the day. Choose from cozy lodges to luxurious cabins, each offering you the comfort and relaxation you desire. Whether you’re looking for family fun, a romantic escape, or simply an opportunity to be captivated by fall’s magic, Branson has something for everyone.

As the season unfolds, book your stay and embrace the fall festivities. From Silver Dollar City’s harvest revelry to the quaint streets of Hollister, you’ll be captivated by the spirit of autumn in every corner of Branson. Get ready to experience a fall vacation that will create cherished memories for years to come.

Stay tuned as we dive deeper into each season’s exciting events at Branson Missouri.